< Why Not?

I cleaned my old apartment so well before i moved out, that the landlord actually paid me, saying that it looked better than when he rented it to us to begin with.

And my new one has a balcony!

I’m so goddamn perpetually tired. Ugh.

I’ve been working hard for a while now. I expect to make the transformation to Super Saiyan by year’s end.

Biggest mistake of my life.

Dont ever get married, yo.
It’s only fifty something bucks to get married, but it takes months or even years of misery to rectify a marriage that never should have been. Be smart, and never take that leap prematurely, for the love of all that you hold dear.


I’m getting poorer and fatter every week and I’m really confused how those can both happen at the same time.

The Fault In Our Stars sucked, the internet is overrated, and the only things i can trust are my stomach gases.

So, do walmart stores across the nation all play shitty country music, or is that just a personal hell i have to endure working at a walmart in Redneckland?

I’m not dead. Wuuuuuuut